Draft Day at Radio City Music Hall 2013

Fulfilling one of my bucket list experiences…the NFL draft in NY was more fun than I anticipated. You could sense the excitement of what all true NFL fans look forward too…the HOPE that their team will hit it big and choose some players that help lead them to the promised land!
Where do I start? The unspoken communication of just a head nod to an unknown fan wearing the same apparel of the team that had captured your heart…can you relate? It was the first time I had been to New York, the city was electric, the energy to roam and explore and take it all in just made the trip something I knew would have to be an annual occurrence.
The NFL crews were all there…ESPN, NBC, the NFL Network…Fox News was across the street…what more could I ask for? Just hanging out in the lines and talking football, listening to what other beloved footballers had to share about their team and their view of my team would have been enough for me! Did I tell you that the place was crawling with Jets and Giant fans…need I say more?
Listening and watching and sharing was pure joy for me. You see, I’m a Lion’s fan…yes you heard me…that team (10 of the last 12 years with a losing record). We had the 5th pick, we knew we were going to get someone outstanding (you hope), unless you pull a Jet, Raider, or Cowboy blunder..forgive me, don’t be offended, Detroit has had their share (5 straight WR’s chosen in first rd). I think that’s part of the anticipation…will MY team get it right? It’s difficult to overcome draft misses, I think that’s why so much attention; scouting, draft guru’s, mock drafts…and so on continue to expand substantially.
We finally get in after standing in line to get the wrist bands the night before, and then the standing in line the day of the draft day…but I’ not complaining, remember…I love this time of fellowship. You know how we are…we analyze people and privately discern who they are and what kind of life they have…and then compare it to our own…did I just say that out loud?
So I’m in…wow, it’s a production. You have interviews going on to the left and the right side of the stage. There are two network crews on the floor doing their thing…you have a radio in your ear (part of your goodie bag…love it)…listening to ESPN and NFL network, and life for a true NFL fan doesn’t get any better than this…can I have a witness? See you next year, May 8-10!

Will there be another Tom Brady?




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